The vantage point from on high in Malaysia

From the observatory, visitors can admire the favorite destinations in Malaysia such as Langkawi, Melacca, Kuala Lumpur with spectacular views.

Kuala Lumpur

To admire the panorama of the modern green capital of Malaysia, Petronas and television tower (KL tower) are the two most ideal locations. However, compared to having to queue in a fixed time frame to up 86 floors of the twin towers, then the open from 9 h to 22 h in the observation deck of the tv Tower Kuala Lumpur is much more convenient for visitors. The tv tower is located on the Hill of Bukit Ananas (height 94 m) in the road Jalan Punchak, how the twin towers more than 2 km.

From regardless of where in Kuala Lumpur, you can come here easily by Skytrain LRT, monorail , bus, taxi or hop on-hop off tour (city tour). With a height of 421 m, KL tower is one of the highest television tower in the world. Up to the observation deck at the towers are located at an altitude of 276 metres above the ground, after buying the ticket at the price of RM 49 (about 350,000 us dollars), will have a guide press the elevator take you to on. The speed of the elevator is very fast and you will feel a little tinnitus due to changes in pressure when up high.

The observation deck was designed as a large corridor that surrounded the tower with glass safely. So, from here you can see the city with skyscrapers along the unique architecture, in which are about cool blue eyes. If you had to turn their eyes to climb the Petronas Twin Towers at this presence before your eyes with impressive views. Please enlist a picture to save the most beautiful moments of Kuala Lumpur from this angle.


How Kuala Lumpur, 2 cars, Malacca is a peaceful city popular with ancient houses. After walking for hours exploring the intersection as the Board, up Taming Sari Tower is the best way to panoramic views of Malacca and visualize about the places you have to go through.

The Tower from the Netherlands, Malacca Centre about 500 m so you can walk here. If you want to go to Malacca from straight Tower, let's catch the bus with 17 RM 1.5 (about 10,000 dollars). While only 110 m high and the distance from the ground up scenic bays is 80 m, but the Taming Sari revolving Tower is the first gyro in Malaysia.

By spinning, the Tower has the ability to help visitors enjoy the 360-degree perspective in Malacca. After buying the tickets, no need to wait to wait enough 66 people, watch the cavity will pick you up from the ground and slowly rotate round up high with just the right speed to look at sweeping. From the ideal height, in you are the featured attractions of Malacca as the Maritime Museum, Fort St John, the Dutch square, giant windmills, Pahlawan Shopping Mall ... same difference is interesting to see the river of Malacca divided the city into two halves: the European quarter and Chinatown.

The tower is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily with RM/20 fare adult and RM/10 child (70,000 dollars) for each weekly visit within 7 minutes.


For Langkawi - island famous tourist near the border of Thailand from Kuala Lumpur one-hour flight, try once to experience the cable car (cable car) up the mountain between the sea will give you the best views of the jewel of this Malaysia. This hanging cable lines in the area of Pantai Kok, about 18 km from Pantai Cenang and Kuah administrative center for nearly 30 km.

Langkawi bus not very popular so often you will have to call a taxi to get here. 10h to 20h is open, the cable car system is a cable car takes visitors up an observatory on the mountain, sea level over 700 m with 30 RM / person (more than 200,000 contracts). Left at the foot of the green untouched primeval forests and silvery waterfalls flickers of the distance, the cable car takes you to watch the first station located at an altitude of 600 meters.

But few people would choose to stop in this position, but continue to watch the same cable to the station to get the best views. From here, you can take in the panoramic sight of the island charm Langkawi sea blue sky and draw on one. If eyed you will see Tarutao island of Thailand at the end of the distance.

This time, the Sky Bridge - the symbol of Langkawi bridge located just below your eye and can comfortably enjoy the show with the most spectacular view.