The park's most unique entertainment Malaysia

The amusement park and water park has always been those places not to be missed in any tour in Malaysia. From the play area on top of the mountain to the Trade Center in the Park, the amusement park will bring to you the exciting and memorable celebration.

Giant Lego world

This is amusement as the art of lego's first in Asia, is located in the coastal city of southern Johor Bahru. LEGO ® LAND is made up of more than 50 million Lego bricks. You can find his childhood from the cars, the top of the train, the loop coaster, up to the Castle or the famous conditions, including Malaysia's Petronas, Merilon monument , Taj Mahal ... All are forming and Assembly from the famous Lego bricks.

From May 12/2012, the park officially opened and each year, has attracted about 2 million visitors. LEGO ® LAND have become landmarks of favourite people of Malaysia and several other countries in Southeast Asia.

Town of cats Kitty

Girls and those who love Hello Kitty will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in space adorable Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is one of the three main areas of the Park theme Puteri Harbor Family Theme Park, located not far from LEGO® LAND.

Asia's first Sunway lagoon amusement park

If you love to explore the motion compensation more, you should not miss the place Sunway lagoon - claims to be the first Asian paradise. A circle of attractive entertainment, fun and adventure unlimited here will bring you an unforgettable day. Sunway lagoon is divided into five zones. The water park is a National Park Adventure game, such as: huge Underwater Pipeline Report smoothness 50 feet long and 25 feet, the artificial surfing the waves like the real and simulated view of africa......

Meanwhile, the Amusement Park is the place to reproduce the beautiful scenery of the region of the Americas as the mighty Niagara Falls and join the game full of adventure as speed boat. Wildlife Park is the Habitat of the wild animals, Extreme Park again challenged the boys with the archery games, motor racing, rock climbing, acrobatic ... Sunway Lagoon is reserved for those who like a challenge, daring-Scream Park. You will be with the photo-guy vampire, the dead or the mass killers ... are reproduced as true.

In addition, visitors can explore the French village of Berjaya Hills, visit the wildlife species in A'Famosa traditional village, Monsopiad cultural Kadazan..., the adherents of the blockbuster movie studio 20th Century Fox will be incredibly exciting visit the theme park is being built in Malaysia. Scheduled inauguration in 2016, it will be the 20th Century Fox theme park in the world with the first scene in the Movie Studio's lot as ice (Ice Age), the life of Pi, Alien and horrible Night (Night at the Museum).