The 'paradise for lovers' in Malaysia.

A romantic date between the Blue Ocean, a honeymoon trip on the poetic plateau, a journey to the ancient culture or a flight full of unexpected visitors. That is just a small part of the many interesting things that you can do the same people you love when visiting the country of Malaysia.

The original white beach, golden sun

The best thing is that you love and the one hand slowly walking on the beach in the white snow, red sunset on the horizon, heard the wave rhythm. The sea is named Paradise Island in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has the most beautiful beaches, islands, second Asian scenery, from the original white beach, blue comfortable resort according to international standards.

You can soak up the Sun on the beach of Batu Feringhi-the most beautiful beaches of Penang, or enjoy the peaceful space that luxury in Langkawi. The two States of Sabah and Sarawak is also ideal for dating the guy and her spoiled swim beneath blue waters as jewel, see the color coral reefs or try with a kayak, skis and the silver waves ...

Dreaming the Middle loess plateau

The same waking up in ban mai, listen to the cold of the plateau on the people who served, cuff open the window and get on the cloud, and together, watch the Sun are up between poetic hills mountain setting, holiday in the Highlands of Malaysia will be difficult memories forget about the two of you.

To the Cameron Highlands, you can find the lovely village, the honey bee farm and the markets with fruits, vegetables, fresh or unique floral species only found only in Malaysia. If you prefer a more active space, do not overlook the Genting Highlands - Cities in Malaysia with the clouds of golf courses of international standards, the amusement park and the diverse shopping districts. If you like exercise, he and she can conquer the summit together Kinabalu or explore the tropical jungles with abundant flora and fauna.

Romance on a yacht

It will be a great experience when you are walking two on private yachts, drift along the canal in the heart of Malaysia and see the picturesque scenery of this beautiful country. You can try a walk on Lake Putrajaya - the heart of the "smart city" Putrajaya, the pride of Malaysians - or explore the wonders of the wilderness from the river Kilim (Langkawi); Control yourself or a double kayak go to wherever you want will be memorable memories.

Immerse yourself in the same ancient culture

In each song around the country, Malaysia, you will easily find the cultural icon of this country. The House, the monument, the neighborhood ... non-stop recounts the legend of a people with endless passion. You can join her discover and manually experience the unique traditional culture of Malaysia. From the wedding ceremony of ancient customs to the old theater, learning the craft or technique research on architecture. The two-page action you bring about not only new skills, but also the moment both together to experience together.