Reason Penang reached the top 10 most attractive cities planet

The unique points below helped Penang-the beautiful island rich in culture of Malaysia do tingle you near and far past time.

Shortly after the city of George Town on the island of Penang (Malaysia) are Lonely Planet page put on the list of 10 most attractive city to visit planet in 2016, many phượt were up schedule discover this destination.

Talking walls

Before the glance of the Lonely Planet, George Town is the old town has been designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. One of the island's most famous address is the street art graffiti 3D. Not the color plate hot Ray, Western-style rebellion, 3D graffiti wall paintings in Penang should poetry an Asiatic as innocent faces of children carrying each other on bikes, swing girls hovering above the giant rocking my older car, or wild cat hid where crumbling wall corner ...

The painter has the exquisite painting of the same distribution of widgets create real 3D space have just virtual, as if character is living with you.

Find the flow architecture past and present

There are hundreds years old, every structure in Penang is a story about memorable past of this land. It is harmony between cultures, UK, India, China, Malaysia stood together throughout history. One of the most famous works Penang Cheong Fatt Tze is the old Mansion.

Built from 1800, owned by a Chinese merchant, old houses always curious tourists as strange blue color.

Penang is also ideal to discover the works of religion. The Church of St. George's Church has the oldest European architecture in South-East Asia, the British built from the year 1880 in colonial times. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the Kek Lok si Temple, the largest Buddhist populations in Southeast Asia On Lunar New Year holidays, brilliant with pagoda thousands of red lanterns are hung.

The Penang adventure and nature

A great place to explore the nature of Penang Penang national park. In a wide 2.562 ha, which is nearly 50 of the blue bird living and diverse ecosystems and green tropical rainforest. Not too far in the mountain of Penang George town center, so you can take a bus or a taxi to the top of the mountain is 800 meters high, is the ideal Zongmu see green island panorama.

The pin from the top of the hill, the air suddenly switched to the temperate climate, fresh air. Go to the mountain forest is an interesting experience.

Carnival land

In Penang in January, you might be lucky to witness the vibrant beauty of the lantern in the Temple of Kek Lok Si during the Festival of Chinese new year. In summer, the island will jubilantly in the air of the typical dragon boat race festival for culture of Southeast Asian River. In addition there are a range of other festivals such as the Festival of citrus coast Chap Goh Meh bridges throw the Festival, George Town, Penang Music Festival ...

When night falls, you have to add the option of playing in the bar, the dining area bustling with enough sugar-price specialities Chulia's popular dining area are favorite dust travel. If Mexican seafood, head to Gurney Drive food court. Penang is also known as the culinary capital of Malaysia. In Penang, don't miss the celebrated Cook asam laksa noodle dishes from fish sour soup. You also remember to try the hokkien mee, egg noodles with chicken, pork, shrimp and fresh-cooked bone broth.

Char kway teow, stir-fried noodles with prawns, eggs, shellfish, reviews, chili, shallots are also very worthwhile to try.