Malaysia travel time would be the most beautiful?

Malaysia has a warm climate year-round sunny climate like Vietnam, so you can come here any season of the year.

However, depending on the time and the tourist arrival to Malaysia that you choose will help you can discover all the beauty here. So Tourism Malaysia time most beautiful?

Early December to the end of January: is considered the peak tourist buy Malaysia, which falls on New Year period, Christmas. If tourists come at this time is relatively difficult to find hotels or airfares good price, as well as the occasion Traveler Asia, West Malaysia to the restaurant, the hotel has a costly price.

One more interesting thing here is the occasion for the discount clothing items quite strong, with the faithful shopping or hunting goods sale then here's matching travel occasion ideal shopping by Malaysia is considered one of the places have low price in comparison with the world world.

From the middle of May early June is a good time to go to sea in Malaysia. Malaysia has a lot of beautiful sea or island are destinations nearby are much older target.

April to September is the dry season in Malaysia with an average temperature of 29-35 degrees, the time of delight ecological sightseeing tours or enjoy tropical fruit that does not worry the rain suddenly stretched from October to early March the following year (rainy season in Malaysia).

From October to March the following year falls in rainy season in Malaysia should come into this time tourists will easily catch the rain suddenly, remember to bring along though, umbrella, raincoat to avoid the rain showers. The climate is rainy season in Malaysia often have sudden tides should not suitable for bathing, sport activities at sea as well as the restaurant, the service in some of the island also stopped the business this time.