Ipoh-emerging tourist destinations in Malaysia

The ancient sights of Ipoh modern tinged being travel experts suggest, may be the next destination of your journey.

For a long time, Ipoh city has been unable to keep the position of Malaysia is the capital of Perak province belongs to. However, a new wind in the city, so it is easy to see the streets of the old town. Ignore these positions have become familiar with, this time to Malaysia, you try to explore the place names in Ipoh, through the proposal: "Lonely Planet

The ' golden triangle '-3 points to the Center

The West Bank of the Kinta River is located the historic architecture of Ipoh. Under the rule of the British, the Royal arch was built across this land. Ipoh's train station into the early 20th century known by the name Tah Mahal thanks to the gorgeous white roof domes. The main town here is an appropriate location to take a picture. A 5 minute walk away is the Court brought the beautiful white and Birch Memorial clock tower.

The Kong Heng and the legacy of Ipoh

The oldest villas here was built to become hotels, cafes and craft place. Sekeping Kong Heng is the busiest place in the heart of the Old Town. Along the hotel here is the fine arts and crafts stall Cafe. Stall Bits & Bobs sell homemade ais kepa (snow ice cream) is very famous. Nearby is Craftnerds, where the presentation Ipog sell craft items and jewelry, and Roquette-a crowded concentration of young people in the cafe.

Historic Concubine

Visitors and locals often visit to Lorong Panglima-where is also known with the name of Concubine. Residents in Ipoh often tells the story about the beauty of the city. Although Lorong Panglima has not been for many years, this is still a place in the path of the heritage of Malaysia. The restaurant was built here and many famous hotel is also present, the hotel's no. 27 Concubine.

Modern art by painting the wall

The painter Ernest Zacharevic was inspired by the heroic past of Ipoh to draw the paintings on the wall are everywhere in the city. He started this work from the year 2014 with the project entitled the art of Old Town, Ipoh's history of putting up the walls. Coffee bags, men who enjoy coffee ... one of many contents of the paintings. There are quite a lot of paintings drawn 3D style and you can enjoy them when passing Jahan, Jalan Tun Sambathan and Jalan Padang. In addition to Zacharevic, street art here is also pretty interesting with the change according to time of year.