Discover the 3 most attractive tourist destinations in Malaysia now

Malaysia is a country in South-East Asia, can treat this as a national geographic location rather special because it is separated by the South China Sea into two parts is West Malaysia and East Malaysia. Malaysia is a multicultural country so where this currency -millions of visitors to explore every year. However, if the first steps have been to this beautiful country you need to visit, enjoy the traditional cuisine in one of the most attractive tourist destination in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur

Considered as one of the modern city and the most dynamic of Malaysia so Kuala Lumpur put on put on a beauty extremely modern, glamorous is not inferior to any other country in the world . Upon arriving here, you can admire the famous buildings along the bustling amusement park and the most special is that you can enjoy dishes typical Malaysian street. Also, for shopping fanatics, then here is one of the ideal shopping destination for many major commercial centers.

Places you should definitely visit to Kuala Lumpur:

Petronas: With a height of 452m and 88 floors built, this is the highest twin towers in Kuala Lumpur in particular and the world say chung.Day is one of the important highlights of Malaysia. If you have traveled to Malaysia, you do not hesitate to buy yourself a ticket to visit this majestic twin towers and the country the opportunity to look at Malaysia from above.

Lake Garden: is considered the green lung of Kuala Lumpur naturally, here you will be immersed green space, natural freshness of the majestic trees laced with the hilarious song from garden birds. Also, you will get the chance to enjoy afternoon tea in the garden especially that lake again. Interestingly not it.

Aquarium Aquaria KLCC: To the aquarium Aquaria you'll like living beneath the mighty ocean deep blue with more than 150 species of marine life swim around you after layer of thick glass cover in the tunnel on foot with a diameter of 90m .

Pulau langkam

Langkawi islands and the 99 is a small island, is the world geological park UNESCO member. There are beautiful beaches and islands, very diverse ecosystems. You can see the panoramic view of Langkawi Islands Mobile, you can see the peak tram to machincang or skybrigde hanging from the bridge. You will feel the air was cool, calm from the islands bring. If you are a love lively push you in a big city, this is definitely a relaxing place, is a very ideal friend.

Here you can participate in various activities, such as visiting a very interesting small island, surfing, diving, fishing, to see the coral underwater game......

The Island Of Penang

Penang Island is located in Western Malaysia, was voted as one of the places you have to travel to Malaysia. The convergence of Penang in culture, cuisine of Malaysia. In May and June is the time this place held the great traditional festivals you shouldn't miss.

The famous landmarks of Penang Island:

George Town: George Town was an ancient town of Penang with houses built according to the ancient traditional way. You can buy these souvenirs or enjoy the local dishes here.

Penang Hill: Let's get up early on a cool day and the panoramic view from this hilltop jewel island in Penang. When the fog layer does not melt off you will enjoy a beautiful blur incredibly Penang. With the share on the hope that you will find the great tourist destination of Malaysia.