Cat city in Malaysia to haunt both the inhabitants and the visitors

Kuching in Malaysia is the place where all the inhabitants and visitors are seeing the presence of cats everywhere, from the name to the attractions.

Kuching is the capital and most populous city of the State of Sarawak, Malaysia. Not many people know about the reasons of Kuching is named after a cat, most of which is the legend and the judge. Image cats eat deeply into the life of the city, from history to culture and modern life. In Kuching, where you can also see the cat. From the airport to the city, right in the path of the loop outside of Chinatown, a giant white cat waving visitors.

On the sidewalk near the mosque, a family cat-like robot who stare at passersby. The cat statue with stylish art streets are decorated with spray paint around the building. Located in the North Hall Kuching Cat Museum is a special place in the city if you want to learn about the species of cats as well as their relationship with the city located on the island of Borneo, where the famous capital with species of orangutans. Amir, who works at the Museum, said: "The obsession with cats in this place derives from the name of the city. The word ' kucing ' which means ' cat ' in Malay ". Standing next to a lot of the artifacts exhibited drawings carved 5,000 years of history should cats, Amir explained some of the theory behind the birth of the name "Kuching".

Some people believe that when the United Kingdom first of Sarawak, an Englishman named James Brooke, to Kuching in about 1839, he pointed into the settlement and asked the name of the place. A local person who had thought he was just on a cat walk by, should have to answer is ' Kucing '. Some others argued that the city was named after the trees had been planted.

The fruit of this tree is called ' Mata kuching ', which means ' cat ' left eye, much like with transparency. The last hypothesis about the name of this city is that it was set when the people discovered species of short-tailed cats living along the banks of the Sarawak River flows through the city.

Kuching is a multi-ethnic city, inhabited by Malays, Chinese and Indian, as well as local tribes such as Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Melanau. Cats carry important implications for each person living here. For example, for the Chinese, the cat is a symbol of luck.

Over hundreds of years, cats have been revered by Muslims - religious forms predominate in the indigenous tribes on the island of Borneo. Prophet Muhammad had a cat named Muezza. Residents on the island of Borneo loved cats because they help control insects. 1950s, governments have used chemicals to kill mosquitoes and mice that carry malaria. Once these chemicals adversely affect populations of cats in the area, Royal Air Force conducted a mission called "Operation Cat Drop", dropping 14,000 cats in rural areas in Borneo, Malaysia.

Photos cats ingrained in the life of this city. Statue giant family colorful cat on top of the fountain, the mischievous cat was cast in bronze along the river ... just what you visible. Here also I-CATS - International College of Technology Sarawak - or Cats FM - Local Radio. The highest point of the city, on a tall cylindrical image balance of justice and a cat with gold, with four white cat below.